Welcome to Gummingurru:


DSC03275 Spiral starburst.JPG 

The Yuree motifs at Gummingurru include the Carpet Snake, the Turtle, the Catfish and the Emu.

The Carpet Snake:

Figure 7.1 - Carpet snake stone arrangement.JPG 

The Turtle:


The Turtle's footprints from the Waterhole:

DSC03265 Turtle footprints.JPG 

The Catfish:


The Whiskers:


The Emu:

DSC03274 emu without a head.JPG 

On a hill overlooking Gummingurru is a felled scarred tree, telling us that a sacred site is nearby:

Scarred tree.jpg 

It looks down into Gummingurru:

Scarred tree overlooking.jpg 

There are other scarred trees in the surrounding country, warning travellers that they are approaching Gummingurru:



Over the hill, there are ochre quarries where the men went to gather what they needed for their ceremonies:

red ochre.jpg 

white ochre.jpg 

The Unborn Children in the Snake's Belly:

DSC03270 carpet snake inc 5 childrens stones.JPG 

And the Initiation Ring: