The National History Curriculum
This page shows the Foundation to Grade 10 curriculum.

Condamine Alliance
Condamine Alliance (CA) is responsible for enabling its community to achieve sustainable natural resource management for its catchment area. CA aims to protect and preserve the land, water and native plants and wildlife of the Condamine catchment for future generations. CA has assisted the Gummingurru Aboriginal Corporation in a number of ways.  To see details, visit the CA website.  For more information on CA's work with Gummingurru, go to:
Spirit of the land survives at Gummingurru

Spirits in Bare Feet
The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) commissioned a new play for children, focussing on Toowoomba's Indigenous history.  "Spirits in Bare Feet" premiered as part of USQ's annual Breez Finance Children's Festival from 29 May - 7 June 2009 in the USQ Arts Theatre.  Written by local award-winning playwright, David Burton and with original music and live didgeridoo by Michael Brown, the story was based on the Aboriginal stone arrangement site of Gummingurru, hidden in Toowoomba's own backyard.  This is the first time the social history of Gummingurru was presented in a theatrical format.  The project saw close collaboration with the local Indigenous community, including the custodians of the site and the USQ Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges, to ensure the play and its live production were culturally appropriate.  The project hoped to raise awareness of and engagement with, the Indigenous history of our region and to assist the custodians of Gummingurru to preserve this highly significant site.