Fact Sheet - Main Camp Site

The main campground is situated by the river equidistant from Gummingurru and the Women’s site.  The main camp was used by Aboriginal people when they were not undertaking activities on the ceremonial sites.  It is not known whether the men returned to this site at night or stayed closer to the ceremonial sites (Ross 2008)

Gummingurru Gummingurru

Bunya pines which were probably placed by the Aboriginal people on returning from the Bunya Mountains can be seen on the opposite bank of the creek.

Gummingurru Gummingurru

The campsite contains many stone artefacts that can still be observed on the ground surface; some of this material can be linked to the Gummingurru site.  The campsite contains three main springs and a water hole.  The local landholder has indicated that there was an Aboriginal rock painting on the wall however this has since fallen into the creek.

Stone tools Stone tools


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