Gummingurru Activities

Site 1: The Women's site

What are the links between this site and Gummingurru? What problems might arise when managing and protecting a site that is only known through oral history?

Site 2: The Camp ground

What evidence is there to link the use of this site with Gummingurru? What physical evidence is there that this site was indeed used as a camp ground (think of the bunya pines and the stone implements)? If you were camping, what resources would you need? Compare these to what would have been available at the main campsite.

Site 3: The Bunya Mountains

What role did Gummingurru play along the route to the Bunya Mountains? What evidence is there for this (the bunya nuts, oral record, and bunya trees)?

Site 4: Gummingurru

Rites of passage exist in our society and Aboriginal society. Think of ways that we recognise a person’s movement into a higher social group (e.g. a promotion at work or becoming the senior students at school), and how this is reflected in the rights of passage at Gummingurru.